“Church Night conveniently straddles the line between satire and sacrilege. And every show is meticulously planned, beautifully written, and irresistibly funny.” - Brightest Young Things

“When this pilot airs on Comedy Central in about five years, don’t be too surprised.” -Washington City Paper

“When this pilot airs on Comedy Central in about five years, don’t be too surprised.” -Washington City Paper

Church Night is a comedy act based in Washington, DC. They have featured at The Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival (curated by Tig Notaro), Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and perform regularly in LA (NerdMelt), NYC (Cobra Club), and DC (Black Cat). The companion web series, Church Night TV won Outstanding Comedy Series at LA Webfest, Best Web Series at Indie Capitol Awards, and Audience Choice awards at Miami Webfest. The series was nominated for several other awards and has screened internationally in Berlin and Dublin.

The live show parodies a Middle-America church service, but the content is best suited for a late night in a cheap motel. Church Night features stand-up comedy, burlesque, and/or musical acts. Between the guest performances, Church Night titillates the congregation with the word of the Lord, sketches, music, and crowd participation (the good kind, not the shitty kind that no one likes). The service ends with the infamous Shots n’ Tots Communion. While the promise of a free shot of whiskey and a single tater tot may get people in the door, the church staff is what keeps them coming back.

The Reverend Dr. Stevedore Maybelline Bidet Esq. hails from the deep swamps of Louisiana and delivers the word with zealous passion as if on a combination of illicit ambien and trucker meth. Don’t worry, he’s licensed. Kathy Piechota, the goofy, Midwestern youth minister keeps the services running smoothly and does whatever it takes to keep the children in line. The scantily clad and mute altered boy, Randy St. Oates Jr., lights the candles, does whatever Bidet and Kathy tell him to, and then blows the candles out in the end. They’re good, faithful Americans whose only wish in life is to deliver the word of The Lord to as many people as possible even though they've skimmed the Bible at MOST.

Church Night is written, produced, and performed by Linsay Deming, Landon Letzkus, and Jeremy Frank. They started the variety show in April 2013 at iconic, neighborhood dive bar and alt-comedy hub, The Wonderland Ballroom. Having built a fervent following with consistently sold-out monthly shows, they relocated to historic rock venue, Black Cat, in December 2014. In addition to the monthly services, the Church Night characters host comedy and rock shows, perform sketches, and create weird, interactive experiences for unexpecting audiences. 

To book Church Night, please contact info@churchnight.org.

“The buzz surrounding this alternative church service... is biblical.” - The Washington Post

“Give us your lame, your poor, your drunk, your fat, and your cats”

- Snuffleupagus 4:32