"It’s (Church Night TV) the kind of satire that would have made Jonathan Swift pee himself laughing. It’s the kind of social commentary that would have made Machiavelli scratch his head in wonder."- Brightest Young Things

“When this pilot airs on Comedy Central in about five years, don’t be too surprised.”       - Washington City Paper

“Church Night conveniently straddles the line between satire and sacrilege. And every show is meticulously planned, beautifully written, and irresistibly funny.” - BYT

"’s a comedy-variety show that updates Dana Carvey’s famed “Church Lady” Saturday Night Live sketch for the Tim & Eric generation." - Washington City Paper

Washingtonian cited our show as the #1 thing to do in DC in April 2016!

"...the production confidently balances the delicate line of parody between relevant commentary and irrelevant mockery"  -Broadway Baby, ★★★★ review